Public Share

Public Share



  1. Shareholders will start getting 12% profit from  31st March 2020 onwards.
  2. Shareholders will  get  3%  (for Rs.10 Lakhs share) and 2% (for Rs.5 Lakhs share)  discount for  purchasing  above  Rs.5000/-  from Hypermarket.
  3. Facility of home-delivery for purchasing above Rs.5000/- , upto  a distance of 10 kms around Hypermarket.
  4. Shareholders who book Auditorium will get  5% (for Rs.10 Lakhs share) and  2.5% (for 5 Lakhs share)  discount for each  booking.
  5. By the use  of  Shareholder  Card,  will  get   5% (for Rs.10 Lakhs share),  2.5% (for 5 Lakhs share),    discount  for  2  hours  once  in  a  week  in  Sparky  Video Games  for their  children  (max. 3 children, below  15  years).
  6. Shareholders  will  get  5%  (for Rs.10 Lakhs share) and  2.5% ( for Rs.5 Lakhs share)  discount  from  monthly  fees  in  Healthcare Club,  for  2 members  of  the  family.
  7. Yearly profit  will  be  calculated  on  March  31st of  every year.    If  there  is  any  due  by  a  shareholder,  the  amount  will  be  deducted  from  his  profit.
  8. Job vacancy  priority  will be given for Shareholders.
  9. The above are the offers decided for Shareholders. Any further changes in the offers will be  decided  in  monthly  Executive Meetings, from time to time.


Issac Varghese,

Chairman & Managing Director


  Those who are  unable  to  avail  these  offers,  especially  NRI  Shareholders , they  will  get  special  offers  and also will get two days stay facility for 4 members while  visiting  the mall.


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